A few months ago the crowdfunded “Slow Watch” company sent over a “Slow Jo”. This is an overview of my experience with it.

Check out the Slow Watch website here.

The Slow Watch is an analog 24 hour watch

As you will have noticed, the watch has only 1 hand, and 24 hours on the dial. The idea behind this is to slow down, and indeed it does have a calming effect in my experience.

Personally I use the watch as a “progress bar” for the day. When it comes to timing the train/metro I use my phone.

I got the Silver color with leather strap

The team was kind enough to send along a Milano Mesh strap when I asked as well. I’ve tested the leather strap for a casual look, and the mesh for a more formal look. Currently I’m using the mesh.

This is the product image for the leather version (number 17):

Slow Watch - Slow Joe 17 - Leather Strap

This is the product photo for the Mesh version (number 21):

Slow Watch - Slow Jo - Milano Mesh

Note that I only have 1 watch with 2 straps, so my dial is slightly cream colored, like in the leather version.

The most accurate slot is 15 minutes

Every hour on the dial is divided into 4 slots, each 15 minutes. The hand is a bit above the dial, so your perspective on time will change a bit depending on how you look at the watch (hehe, time is relative…).

The time you will tell from the watch will be along the lines of “It’s about quarter to”. It is a nice way to look at time though.

Compatibility with a hectic schedule depends

You’ve probably read about my productivity routine for this year. While the watch doesn’t do very specific time, I found that is adds to my life rather than being in the way.

It helps me slow down in my daily flow, at least mentally, which helps.

The Watch is well-built and nice to look at

The watch is a very nice piece of engineering. The creators indicate:

  • Waterproof up to 100 meters deep
  • Swiss GMT quartz mechanics
  • 38mm stainless steel

I can confirm the engineering feels very solid. Personally I like how the smooth angular design works with the solid feel.

It’s More a Progress Bar than a Timekeeping Tool

As mentioned before, you will not get this watch for precise time keeping. It’s a great watch though if you are ok with seeing it as a general progress bar rather than a precise measurement tool.

Points of improvement

While the overall experience was great, there were some minor things that could be improved.

Resetting the watch is a bit tricky

If you want to change the time on the watch, you will have to do so on a full hour or quarter hour. This is quite fine really.

I did however notice that the hand dragged behind a little when I adjusted the time. E.g. to make it run correctly I had to set it to 13:05 at 13:00. I’m guessing it takes the watch a couple of minutes to sync the insides with the hand.

While resistant, the glass can scratch

The glass is pretty good, bit I managed to accidentally scratch it while bumping it into a stationary metal object. If you are used to wearing a watch you’ll probably not have this as much.

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