Accelerate Would Healing with Supplements, Tapes and Massage

Things you can do to speed up the healing of a wound and decrease the chance of severe scar tissue.

Why I didn't eat for 105 hours - The science of fasting for longevity & health

Fasting can extend your life and improve health, or at least so science seems to indicate.

Why did evolution not fix obesity?

It is easy to forget that humans only live a short time. Evolution however works through the simple mechanism of killing off bloodlines that are not adapted to their environment. It makes sense then why evolution did not fix obesity...

The 'no kid gloves' science of carbs & proteins

Science is most fun when it's hardcore. This post explores the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. It's clear and structured, but not dumbed down.

Bulletproof coffee alternative: bulletproof Matcha

Bulletproof coffee is coffee with certain oils added, which help in concentration. I get jittery from too much coffee, so made a recipe using high grade Japanese Matcha tea instead.

How I solved my skin problems

I used to have terrible skin, there are a number of techniques and protocols I used that solved the issue for me. They ended up having a lot of other health benefits as well.

What magnesium supplement is best absorbed

Magnesium is one of the most common deficiencies in humans. It is for sale at every drug store, but make types of magnesium are actually not absorbed and used well by the body.

Is alcohol good for you?

Does drinking wine cause cancer? Does it make you live longer? I had a look at the academic research to get the full picture.

Polyphasic everyman sleep cycle

Sleeping 8 hours in one block works pretty well. But what if you could get away with half of that sleep? I experimented with the Everyman sleep cycle to find out how it feels.

Intermittent Fasting health benefits

Not eating for long periods of time turns out to be good for you, and there is good research backing this up. Intermittent fasting means you fast every day for a longer period.

History of cholesterol research

Eating cholesterol is not bad, science knows this. And yet most people think it is the case. In this well-researched post I explain why the world believes cholesterol is bad and why this is wrong.

Damage control techniques for binge eating (e.g. xmas)

If you know you are going to eat crap, you can prepare for it. There are a number of small things you can do to stay reasonably in shape when binging.

My DIY protein shake in 30 seconds

There are great protein shakes out there, but making your own is quite easy. Here's my favorite recipe for making a DIY shake.

Why I hate Recommended Daily Amounts

The daily recommended amount is the amount of a substance you need to not go ill. But not being ill and being healthy are two different things, here's why.

Brain Boosting: Matcha Tea L-Theanine

Caffeine gives energy but makes you jittery, Theanine calms you down and allows focus. Combined they allow for a calm and energised focus. Matcha contains both these chanicals naturally.

4 Hour Body Summary - Part 1 - Subtracting Fat

The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss is great. This summary is a quick overview of the fat loss section that many people love and use.