Slowcial Media - How To Reduce The Addictiveness Of Social Apps

How to slow down your social media interactions with the Slowcial Media philosophy.

How I Survive Multiple Full Time Engagements

For a year I subjected myself to multiple full time gigs, and did quite well under it. These are the tools & techniques I used to stay sane and healthy.

[OLD] Productivity techniques to survive a full time job + full time Masters degree

To quote Derek Sivers: 'the standard pace is for chumps', these are the techniques I use to set my own pace.

11 Ways to be Hyper Productive [Infographic]

I use a number of techniques to increase my day to day productivity and put them into an infographic for your convenience.

25 Things I Use Every Day to be Hyper Productive

There are a number of tools I use to retain my sanity in phases where I do a large volume of work. These are some of my favorite tools, techniques & gadgets that allow me to get things done.

Blinkist review: Basically awesome book and audiobook summaries

Blinkist makes written and audio summaries of non fiction information books. Even audio ones! It makes it easy to devour the highlights of a book within half an hour.

Best android root apps I use all the time

Rooting your android phone basically gives it superpowers. Here are my favorite supercharged apps you can use as a root user.

Polyphasic everyman sleep cycle

Sleeping 8 hours in one block works pretty well. But what if you could get away with half of that sleep? I experimented with the Everyman sleep cycle to find out how it feels.

5 of my Effective Habits in 30 Seconds

looking for some quick boosts in productivity? These are some basic tricks I use on a daily basis.

Outsource Daily Tasks to Software

Many of the things you do can be done by machines, so why not have them do it? These are some basic ideas to get you started.

Use Technology to Make Work Easier

Why do manual work when a machine can do it for you? These tools and tricks will help you get your digital productivity in order.

Memorize 20 Objects out of Order in Minutes

Memory is a skill. There are literally world championships in memory. This is one example of a technique memory champions use.