How to choose the perfect ETF (e.g. index trackers)

Even if you have a strategy, there are many providers of the same benchmarks. Here is how to make sense of it all.

How to actually buy financial products

Once you have decided you want to invest money, then what? How do you actually start?

How to choose an investment strategy

Before you start your investment journey, you'll need to formulate a strategy. This will prevent you acting emotionally with your money.

Diversification is a way to buffer what you don't know

If you are unsure about a choice, intelligently doing a little bit of everything can be a way to reduce your risk.

Invest based on numbers, speculate based on unfair advantage

Investing is about calculating returns, speculation is about predicting behaviour.

The 3 ways you can use money to make money

Financial assets sound complicated, but in essence I think that fundamentally there are only 3 types.

Learn to invest before you need to & set goals before you achieve them

If you think you want to invest 'later', or 'when you have money', stop procrastinating and learn now.

How to Make Your Money make Money

If you have enough invested money, you can live off of the interest. That is what this post is about: How to make money work for you, when you are doing nothing.

Grow Rich by Handling Your Money & Investments

I've met billionaires, read books and googled away. All the smart people give me the same advice, and I have been using it to invest money. This is what I learned.

[OLD] Grow Rich by Handling Your Money & Investments

I plan to grow very very rich. These are the techniques I've collected from books and billionaires.

Money Master the Game Summary

This is an amazing book on how to invest money. Tony has access to financial wizards the rest of the world don't ever get to meet, and he gained insignts from them that the rest of us can use.