Protein shakes can help your muscles restore and grow after exercise. This is my DIY protein shake recipe.


  • Shake = Protein source + filler + flavour / carbohydrate source
  • Protein: 2 eggs (~12g protein)
  • Filler: water or milk (I don’t like using cow milk, goat is nice)
  • Flavour + carb: fruits
  • Mix in blender


  • Egg white has a good protein profile
  • Egg yolk has lots of good nutrients (cholesterol is good too, might write on it later)
  • Body needs some (little) carbs or it uses the protein for energy


Why home made?

Because I hate the stuff added to commercial protein shakes. Besides, this is cheaper and a lot more nutritious in general.

Store bought:

  • No ingredient quality guarantee
  • No guarantee that label is true (lots of supplement people used to be in doping industry)
  • Bad formulations (like 100% protein, great for marketing sucky for results)

Home made:

  • Known ingredients
  • Cheaper
  • Lots of bonus nutrients

Why eggs?

The protein in egg white is awesome (wiki). Not all protein is equal. The digestibility and usability differs per protein type and source.

Egg yolk is awesome too. There are a bunch of fat soluble vitamins in there. Check this table.

People still seem to be squeamish of cholesterol, which is stupid. I might elaborate on it later since I wrote my bachelor thesis on this.

The short version: if you have cholesterol issues look at high GI carbohydrate intake. The body produces 1000 mg cholesterol a day. The average dietary intake is 300 mg (of which 10-50% is absorbed). See the problem there?

Why carbs?

Body builders seem to hate carbs in shakes, which is also stupid. After exercise your body has relatively low blood sugar. Taking pure protein after will just result in the body using the protein for energy instead of muscle building. Add a small source of something that adds energy to your blood stream to prevent this.


  • Interesting – so you’re using raw eggs for your protein source/shake? Any advice on ensuring someone doesn’t get salmonella or other raw egg issues?

    Also, does the raw egg create any odd/off flavors? This is very intriguing to me, as I love the convenience of protein shakes but ABSOLUTELY hate the flavors of virtually every brand available. Plus, I always have concerns about whether the labeling is accurate and most commercial protein brands severely limit fat, and I’m not one to be afraid of fat!

    Great post Mentor!

    • For salmonella, it is apparently mostly an issue with bacteria in the outside of the egg. Wash it before breaking.

      Flavor is not an issue. It doesn’t taste like egg. All you notice is that it turns frothy, which is nice.

      For the rest just mix with whatever you like the taste and/or nutritional profile of.

      Good stance of the fats. Pop culture is just plain stupid when it comes to fats.

      • The response is true, but “mostly” is not sufficient to prevent salmonella, which can travel through a shell into the yolk. To avoid that rare case simply hard boil the eggs and blend them into the fruit, or buy pasteurized egg instead of using raw.

        • Hard boiled and blended tastes awful. Besides, the US estimate form samonella in eggs is 1 in 10,000. I’m assuming europe is even less.

          Next to that an adult immune system can handle samonella just fine. People get too panicked about it. It’s only a real issue for the old, young and immunocompromised.

          The odds of actually getting into trouble for using raw eggs are so low that I will worry more about injuring myself in the gym than catching samonella.

      • I am also surprised by the raw eggs in this, I assumed that that might eventually cause problems. Hard boiling the eggs seems like a reasonable solution to this but that takes preparation time far beyond 30 seconds.

  • Actually, cooking foods that contain protein (eggs, meat) make them more biologically available. This was already scientifically proved.

  • How much protein do you need to consume after the gym to improve muscle building? A lot of manufactured protein shakes contain 20 plus grams. Also what fruits work well? Thanks

  • Fully agree there is not much need to worry about salmonella if you are healthy, and much less about cholesterol. However, I have learnt that raw egg white is not so good. Egg yoke yes, and that is the perfect protein for people. I will try your suggestion but just use the yokes, en keep the whites for something else.

      • I was taught this in a course on orthomolecular health. Have been trying to find a concrete answer, and found this on Quora:

        Raw egg whites contain an enzyme called avidin that acts as an anti-nutrient to bind biotin in the yolk. Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is instrumental in cell growth and the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids, as well as blood sugar maintenance. Just like with most vitamins, it’s a bad idea to reduce their availability to the body.
        If you’re going to eat your eggs raw, I’d advise eating the yolk without the white. The yolk contains all of the nutrition anyway, while the white contains the avidin.

        • Interesting. Cooking the white doesn’t seem to eliminate avidin though. Only up to 60% or so.

          Can’t find any source on how strong/weak this effect is though.

          • That’s because it isn’t stong enough to be consider. My pharmacology teacher last semester gave me an eg. with this. The avidin in the egg whites doesn’t even reach the 15% needed to cover all the cell proteins receptors. Plus it is a great source of potassium, sodium and magnesium.

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