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Bulletproof coffee alternative: bulletproof Matcha

Bulletproof coffee is a coffee recipe popularized by the bulletproof exec. It's based on Yak butter tea, which the founder found gave him a lot of focus and energy. But yes, it's basically coffee and butter in a blender.

The bulletproof coffee alternative

  • Matcha tea powder + butter + hot water + blender = bulletproof Matcha
    • 1 teaspoon of matcha (normal dosing)
    • 1 centimeter (0.4 inch for you imperial bastards) slab of butter
    • Cup of hot water
    • Feel free to play around, this is no science, it's a beverage
  • Coffee makes me feel anxious after a day or 2 of usage
  • Matcha has high concentrations of L-Theanine helping focus and relaxation

The ingredients

Matcha tea powder

If you have not heard of Matcha before, check out the science of this amazing tea here. Basically this Japanese traditional tea is very high quality and contains multiple compounds that change brain function for the better.


High quality only, grass fed full fat butter only. None of that creepy margarine stuff. If you are worried about ingesting too much fat and/or your cholesterol levels. Read this.

Hot water

Not boiling hot, let it cool for a bit. It should be slightly too hot to drink when you start the process. If you are using a cold blender bowl, keep it a bit hotter.


If you need strict recipe's use the bulletpoints at the beginning of the article. Personally I switch it around a little based on what I feel like.