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Protein shakes can help your muscles restore and grow after exercise. This is my DIY protein shake recipe.


  • Shake = Protein source + filler + flavour / carbohydrate source
  • Protein: 2 eggs (~12g protein)
  • Filler: water or milk (I don't like using cow milk, goat is nice)
  • Flavour + carb: fruits
  • Mix in blender


  • Egg white has a good protein profile
  • Egg yolk has lots of good nutrients (cholesterol is good too, might write on it later)
  • Body needs some (little) carbs or it uses the protein for energy


Why home made?

Because I hate the stuff added to commercial protein shakes. Besides, this is cheaper and a lot more nutritious in general. Store bought:

  • No ingredient quality guarantee
  • No guarantee that label is true (lots of supplement people used to be in doping industry)
  • Bad formulations (like 100% protein, great for marketing sucky for results) Home made:
  • Known ingredients
  • Cheaper
  • Lots of bonus nutrients

Why eggs?

The protein in egg white is awesome (wiki). Not all protein is equal. The digestibility and usability differs per protein type and source. Egg yolk is awesome too. There are a bunch of fat soluble vitamins in there. Check this table. People still seem to be squeamish of cholesterol, which is stupid. I might elaborate on it later since I wrote my bachelor thesis on this. The short version: if you have cholesterol issues look at high GI carbohydrate intake. The body produces 1000 mg cholesterol a day. The average dietary intake is 300 mg (of which 10-50% is absorbed). See the problem there?

Why carbs?

Body builders seem to hate carbs in shakes, which is also stupid. After exercise your body has relatively low blood sugar. Taking pure protein after will just result in the body using the protein for energy instead of muscle building. Add a small source of something that adds energy to your blood stream to prevent this.